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Mie is a consulting firm whose target is to provide services in various fields for students. In fact we help student in admission process, in applying process and in many other fields. This company has had the experience of doing this in last years and as our customer normally tell us , we are the biggest help desk for apply and student visa process. This firm is legally and formally registered and has been providing services in many cases free of charge. In other words , as we are formal agents of many universities , we would gain our profit and work answer through these universities. We also may charge students with a little amount of money in some cases like for free universities and in these cases ,this will be really nothing in comparison with other institutes. Mie consulting could also connect you with best and top lawyers all around the world to help you specially in visa process. Our centre is in the heart of Europe ,in beautiful Vienna and our team are all full of positive energy. You can contact us easily by either calling us or sending us an email and we will begin your process as soon as you ask us for.

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