in this Section you can Read the information about the IBA, courses and admission requirments of IBA

How is the IBA?
How do we introduce IBA?
Is the IBA a good and proper one for your target?

In this short text we will provide you some necessary information about the IBA whose main campus is denmark
Please note that this information is about our research about IBA,you may also research more about that and gain more data about it. This is only our research about IBA which presents
, we would like to emphasize our intention for being honest toward our customers ,so our Idea and opinion so please for more information, we refer you to research more.
IBA whose link of web sight is mentioned here at the ending part of the page is one of our trusted academic institutes.
There is always international mixture of student atmosphere in their target and they try to provide proper and accepted educational services to students.
If you want to apply for this university, we recommend you to read this text first to know more about that, in fact we recommend research about any steps for your future.
In order to give you precise data about IBA, our staffs researched and mentioned some information exactly from the web page and flyers of the university it self.
Before we begin to give you more details about this university please note that ,if we some how mention some negative points beside positive pointes about the institutes in our our webpage , we do not mean to target any reputation but we just want to reflect our client’s opinion about institutes.IBA International Business Academy is not included Word Ranking and is not rankedAP Degrees:
Marketing Management
Multimedia Design and Communication
Entrepreneur and Design Manager (E-designer)
Financial Management

Bachelor Degrees:
International Sales and Marketing Management
Web development
Business Management across Europe
Euro-Asia Business Management
International Business (e-learning)
International Sales & Marketing / Business Management & Marketing

Master’s Degrees
Executive MBA
Master of Science in International Business (MSc)
Master of Business Administration in General Management (MBA)Students can start their course in IBA at october, february, august, april and novemberAP Degrees: ۶۵,۰۰۰_۷۶,۰۰۰ per year
Bachelor Degrees: ۷۵,۰۰۰_۹۵,۰۰۰ per year
Master’s Degrees: ۹۵,۰۰۰_۱۱۰,۰۰۰ per yearStudents applying for full-time programmes at IBA are recommended to apply for accommodation through StudentKolding at, a database which controls and reserves student apartments based on a waiting list. International students will normally have first priority over students who already live in Denmark, and in fact it is our experience that in previous years it has not been difficult to find apartments in Kolding. All the apartments in the database have their own bathroom; they aren’t furnished but they will have as a minimum a fridge and cooking plates (or an oven with hob). We advise to apply for student housing immediately after you are admitted to IBA in order to have a better position on the waiting list.Transcript of records and diploma (AP degree or other education)
Documentation for English language skills (Ielts 6.5)
Motivation letter
References (if any)
Copy of passport
High school diploma – only if you apply with an education from another country

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